Susan Hickman's Debut Country CD Set For U.S. Release  July 20

Includes Songs By Brett James, Mila Mason, Bobby Pinson, Gregg Allman

Nashville, TN (June 3, 2010) -- Susan Hickman's debut Country CD, SUSAN HICKMAN

(4L Clover) is set for U.S. release on July 20.  The disc, released overseas in December 2009, has already garnered quite a bit of attention for this Texas newcomer.  She's enjoyed five international charting singles ("Sunday Paper," "Wrapped Up In Me," "Friday At The Latest," "You Just Missed This Train," "Whipping Post") and her current U.S. single release, "Hell Still Ain't Frozen Over" (Bobby Pinson/Melissa Pierce) is showing movement on both the European and stateside charts.  "We wanted to develop a buzz about the music before we released the CD over here," says Susan from her Houston-area home.  "Now that we have that, things are moving forward very quickly," she adds.


The groundswell includes a tour of Germany, Holland and Switzerland in March; inclusion on the CMA Close Up Who New To Watch In 2010 list; a 2500 mile-long U.S. country radio promotion tour, and her first CMA Music Fest appearance next week.  In July, Hickman returns to Europe to perform at the prestigious 23rd Annual Country Rendez-Vous Festival in Craponne-sur-Arzon, France. 

That's quite a bit of activity for an "indie" artist, but Susan is used to being the "exception" rather than the "rule."  One listen to her new self-titled CD proves that Hickman is truly one of a kind. Her gritty yet glorious voice shows influences ranging from Miranda Lambert to Janis Joplin, and she shines on this Doug Deforest production (Todd Fritsch, Doug Spartz, Jonathan Edwards).  Top-notch Nashville tunesmiths (Brett James, Mila Mason, Bobby Pinson and others) brought their best songs to the table, and Hickman's able interpretations hit the mark every time.  Highlights include: "Red," a dark tale of jealousy and rage; the two-steppin' fun-loving, "Wrapped Up In Me" and the poignant ballads, "Hell Still Ain't Frozen Over" and "One Of Those Who Make It Up There."  Closing the disc is Hickman's soulful take on Gregg Allman's classic southern rocker, "Whipping Post."


SUSAN HICKMAN can be purchased at iTunes, CDBaby and all major e-tailers. 

Fans can catch up with Susan at and  For interviews, press materials and more, email or call Martha at 615-746-3994.


Texan Susan Hickman Brings Her Own Brand Of Country/Rock To Her Music City Debut At Cadillac Ranch On Friday, June 11

"Her fiery version of 'Whipping Post' is burn-the-stage-down hot."



"Her delivery (is) as sure and true as an arrow on 'Hell Still Ain't Frozen Over.'  The throaty breaks in her performance are perfect for the heartache in this finely-crafted power ballad."

- Robert K. Oermann / MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE


Nashville, TN (May 18, 2010) -- Texan Susan Hickman brings her own brand of country/rock to her Music City debut at Cadillac Ranch (305 Broadway Street) on Friday, June 11, from 5:45 - 6:20 p.m.  Hickman's powerful vocals have drawn positive reviews and strong spins for this indy artist.  Recent media coverage includes:  COUNTRY WEEKLY, DREAMWEST, MAVERICK, COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE, HOUSTON HOT COUNTRY, ROUGHSTOCK and inclusion on the CMA Close Up Who New To Watch In 2010 list. 

Susan's been performing since her teens, and has found her niche with a style that hints at a range of influences from Janis Joplin to Carrie Underwood.  Her current single,"Hell Still Ain't Frozen Over,"is currently showing strong movement on both the MUSIC ROW and European charts, and the singer has traveled over 2500 miles in the last month promoting the new record to country radio.

Hickman toured Germany, Holland and Switzerland in March, and she returns to Europe toperform at the23rd Annual Country Rendez-Vous Festivalin Craponne-sur-Arzon, France on July 25. Susan's shared the stage with Miranda Lambert, Jo Dee Messina, Kevin Fowler, The Lost Trailers and Phil Vassar, and fans can expect an energetic show and special giveaways on June 11, as Susan delivers a set that will include everything from the fiery "Whipping Post," to her powerful and poignant new ballad. Both songs are from her upcoming CD, SUSAN HICKMAN, due for national release on July 20.

Enjoy Susan's music and get all the news at or

For interviews, email or call Martha at 615-746-3994. 


Susan Hickman Wraps Leg 2 Of Radio Promo Tour For "Hell"

Country Newcomer Logged 1400 Miles & Visited 24 Stations In Five Days


Nashville, TN (May 4, 2010) -- Country newcomer Susan Hickman  has wrapped up the second leg of a radio promotion tour for her current single, "Hell Still Ain't Frozen Over."  The petite blonde from Texas visited a total of 24 stations and travelled over 1400 miles during the combined outings, and hopes to have the chance to hit the road again soon. "Both of these trips have been incredible," says Hickman.  "It's nice to spend a little time with the folks who are playin' my songs."

"Hell Still Ain't Frozen Over" is generating a positive buzz - not only at radio, but in the media as well.  MUSIC ROW'S Robert K. Oermann calls her delivery "as sure and true as an arrow," while Allen Foster of SONGWRITER'S MONTHLY describes the track as "simply captivating."

The new single isn't the only one of Susan's releases creating a stir.  Hickman's previous single, "Wrapped Up In Me," has been downloaded nearly 5,000 times in its first week on ReverbNation.


Susan Hickman Hits Texas Market With "Whipping Post" Today


Nashville, TN (October 19, 2009) –Susan Hickman hits the Texas market hard today with her latest single, the Allman Brothers' classic "Whipping Post." The track will be digitally delivered by CDTex and AirPlay Direct, and radio programmers can download the single directly from or  The 24-year old beauty nails her own niche with a blend of rockin', soulful country that hints at influences ranging from Janis Joplin to Miranda Lambert.  "I love this song," says Hickman.  "To me, it's the epitome of the Southern Rock era meeting today's country/rock sound square on."  Dueling guitars swap licks with Hickman's edgy vocal, bringing a near-frenzy of "live" sound to a soul-searing four minutes of gritty reality.

The track was produced by veteran Doug Deforest (Todd Fritsch, Doug Spartz, Jonathan Edwards), and members of the super-hot The Cuttin' Crew ( Tim Crouch-Acoustic Guitar/Fiddle; Mike Kennedy-Drums/Percussion; Robby Springfield-Electric & Steel Guitars; R.P. Harrell-Piano & B-3) hammered home the notes - and the vibe. 

The self-titled CD was regionally released in February of this year. 

Susan has shared the stage with high-profile acts like Tracy Byrd, Jo Dee Messina, Steve Holy, The Lost Trailers, Phil Vassar and Gretchen Wilson, to name a few.  Fans can purchase Susan's music at iTunes, CDBaby and

RADIO PROGRAMMERS can download the track from and, or by contacting Dorothea Ivey /Cabin Creek Promotions @ 830-253-8813 or





Susan Hickman has found her niche in a blend of rocking, uplifting country that hints at a range of influences from Janis Joplin to Carrie Underwood.  Passion is evident from the very first note, and her considerable talent allows her to segue from whisper-quiet reflections to barn-burnin' romps with ease.  Hickman's in control and loving it – and she proves it on her debut country CD, SUSAN HICKMAN. 

With her new CD, Susan is not only sharing her love of music - she's hoping to connect with a global audience.  "I really identify with the songs on this project," Susan says from her home in Atascocita, Texas. "And I think that a lot of other folks will, too."  Produced by Doug Deforest (Todd Fritsch, Doug Spartz, Jonathan Edwards), the disc is the perfect showcase for Susan’s fresh and vibrant vocals.   Highlights abound and include songs by top-notch Nashville tunesmiths Brett James, Mila Mason, Bobby Pinson and others.  "Red" is a dark tale of jealousy and rage, while the two-steppin' fun-loving, "Wrapped Up In Me" offers a light-hearted change of pace.  The contemporary ballad "Hell Still Ain't Frozen Over" works well with Susan's favorite, the poignant "One Of Those Who Make It Up There."  Closing the disc is Hickman's soulful take on Gregg Allman's classic southern rocker, "Whipping Post."

The 25-year old beauty is not without credentials; over the past few years she has elevated her status, sharing the stage with high-profile acts Miranda Lambert, Jo Dee Messina, Kevin Fowler, The Lost Trailers and Phil Vassar. This year has been a pivotal one for Susan.  She was named to the CMA Close Up Who New To Watch In 2010 list and participated in her first CMA Music Festival. Susan has also enjoyed media coverage in COUNTRY WEEKLY, DREAMWEST, MUSIC ROW, and a host of other print and online publications. Hickman's live shows are energetic, and her music has allowed her to develop quite a following in the U.S. and abroad.  In March, Susan made her European debut, entertaining audiences in Germany, Holland and Switzerland.  In July, she'll cross the pond again to perform at the 23rd Annual Country Rendez-Vous Festival in Craponne-sur-Arzon, France.  “I love meeting the folks who are into my music," Susan admits. "But singing on the big stage - no matter where that is, is when I feel a true connection with the audience.”

Music has always been a part of the feisty blonde’s life story; she started taking piano lessons when she was just five years old and added the violin in her teens.  Just four years ago she began to teach herself guitar.  "Yes, I'm blessed to come from a very musical family," she laughs.  "We were always singing and playing; our family reunions are just awesome."

Susan grew up singing in the church choir, listening to her parents’ favorite classic rock songs, and hearing her mom sing opera around the house.  Her mother often made up songs to get her two daughters motivated.  “There was literally a song for everything,” Susan recalls.  “Gonna clean house today?  Yep, she had just the song to put you in the mood.” 

That musical backdrop helped drive the Texan’s love of song, and according to her parents, the exposure began when Susan was still in the cradle.  Family legend tells us that Hickman was actually singing before she started talking.  "Crazy, right?"  Susan laughs.  "Well, some things never change."

Another thing that hasn't changed is this songbird’s precociousness. When she was just 12-years old, Susan cold-called a talent agency and scheduled an audition.  Why?  "My mom told me I'd have to convince her that I was sure I wanted a career in music before she'd let me pursue it,” Susan recalls.  “Making that call was my way of showing her that I was serious.  She's been behind me every step of the way, ever since."

While that first phone call didn't lead to instant stardom, it did give Hickman an insider's look at  the industry - and helped prepare her for the work ahead.  Her life, she says, has been focused on a career in entertaining ever since.

Susan is the human equivalent of a perpetual motion “machine” - and she now divides her time between live performances, songwriting, rehearsals and her web design work.  “I’m always busy,” Susan confides with a laugh.  “But I’m also pretty much happy all the time.  I promised myself that my ‘job’ would be something I loved.  Music is it.” 

Another promise the aspiring star made was to never compromise herself or her music.  “I’ve always said that if I tell you something, it’s the truth.  For me, if it’s even possible, when I sing something - it’s even truer,” Susan states.  Her moral compass leads her in everything from song choices to venue selections – and she is steadfast in her beliefs. 

While Hickman was raised in Houston, her childhood years were imbued with a “small town” feel.  “My little sister was – and is – my closest friend,” Hickman states.   The two shared a childhood filled with secret, homemade slip ‘n slide adventures (indoors no less) and late night television marathons watching old westerns.  It was an idyllic life in many ways, and one that Hickman is determined to emulate. 

 Kids?  "Yeah, someday," she says with a smile.  In the meantime, she's performing every chance she gets.  "I love the energy of the crowd," says Susan.  "It's really powerful when the audience relates to you and your music."  This young artist is driven to make those connections.  Combine her talent with that passion - and you have the magic that is Susan Hickman.

May 26, 2010




Susan Hickman a trouvé son style, un mélange de rock et de country avec des

influences allant de Janis Joplin ?  Carrie Underwood. Dés les premières notes, on

sent chez elle la passion et son très grand talent lui permet de passer de ballades ? 

peine chuchoter ?  un rock des plus endiablés. Cette chanteuse domine son sujet et

maîtrise sa voix ?  la perfection et son tout premier CD, intitulé SUSAN HICKMAN en

est la preuve.

Susan ne fait pas que partager son amour pour la musique, elle espère aussi toucher

un public bien au niveau mondial. "Sur cet album, j’ai mis beaucoup de moi dans

chacun des titres," déclare Susan depuis sa maison de Atascocita, Texas. Produit par

Doug Deforest (Todd Fritsch, Doug Spartz, Jonathan Edwards), le disque est la

démonstration parfaite de la fraîcheur musicale de Susan. Les chansons sont de très

grande qualité et certains titres ont été écrits par les plus grands noms de Nashville,

Brett James, Mila Mason, Bobby Pinson entre autres.

À 24 ans, cette superbe jeune fille a déj?  partagé la scène avec des géants de la

Country Music comme Tracy Byrd, Jo Dee Messina, Kevin Fowler, Steve Holy, The

Lost Trailers et Phil Vassar. Ses concerts sont bourrés d’énergie et ses fans sont

légions au Texas. “J’aime me produire sur scène,” admet Susan. “Quand on sent

toute l’énergie du public, on sait que l’on fait du bon travail.”

La musique a toujours fait partie de son histoire; ?  cinq ans elle a pris ses premières

leçons de piano puis a poursuivi avec le violon pendant son adolescence. Et il y a ? 

peine quatre ans, elle s’est mise ?  la guitare. "J’ai la chance d’être née dans une

famille où l’on aime la musique" dit-elle en riant. "On chantait et on jouait tout le

temps; nos réunions de famille étaient géniales."

Susan a chanté dans une chorale ?  l’église. Enfant, elle écoutait les standards de

rock préférés de ses parents et sa mère qui chantait des airs d’opéra ?  la maison. Sa

mère composait des chansons sur tout et motivait ses deux filles. “Il y avait

pratiquement une chanson pour chaque chose,” se rappelle Susan. “Est-ce que je

vais faire du ménage aujourd’hui? Et hop ; il y avait la chanson qui vous donnait le

coeur ?  l’ouvrage.”

On dit aussi dans la famille que Susan a commencé ?  chanter au berceau. "C’est

peut-être bien vrai?" dit Susan en riant. "Et bien, il y a des choses qui ne changent


Une autre chose qui n’a pas changé, c’est sa précocité. Elle avait ?  peine douze ans

quand elle s’est présentée pour une audition chez un agent. Pourquoi? "Maman

m’avait dit qu’il fallait que j’arrive ?  la convaincre que je voulais faire une carrière

dans la musique si je voulais qu’elle me laisse continuer. Passer une audition était le

seul moyen de lui montrer que je ne plaisantais pas. Depuis, elle a toujours été

derrière moi."

Bien que ce premier coup de fil ne signifiât pas la célébrité, elle a pu se rendre

compte de ce qu’était le milieu de la musique et cela l’a aidée ?  se préparer pour

l’avenir. Depuis, toute sa vie s’est orientée vers ce seul objectif : chanter. Susan,

c’est une machine en perpétuel mouvement. Son temps elle le passe entre ses

concerts, composition, ses répétitions et ses créations artistiques pour le web. “J’ai

toujours quelque chose ?  faire,” confie Susan. “Mais je suis heureuse tout le temps.

Je me suis promis que j’aimerais mon métier et mon métier c’est la musique.”

Bien qu’elle ait grandi ?  Houston, Susan a toujours gardé cette éducation de jeune

fille de province. “Ma petite soeur a toujours été ma meilleure amie et elle l’est

encore,” déclare Susan. Toutes deux ont partagé une enfance faîte d’aventures

secrètes, de soirées télé interminables ?  regarder des vieux westerns. C’était une vie


Présentée ?  Des enfants? "Oui, plus tard," dit-elle en souriant. Pour l’instant,

elle s’occupe ?  saisir sa chance. "J’aime l’énergie que dégage le public," dit Susan.

"C’est vraiment fantastique de sentir cette communion entre lui, moi et mes

chansons." Et Susan sait la provoquer en alliant sa passion ?  son talent. C’est cela la

magie de Susan Hickman.

20 January 2010

traduction : Georges Carrier

Festival Country Rendez-Vous

Craponne sur Arzon